Collection of night / star trails images from South Korea. I spent several hours under these beautiful pine trees star gazing and shooting trails on my Nikon Z 7 + 14-24 nikkor.

  • Beautiful trees ... like an artist’s dream come true. 💕

  • Amazing stuff



I believe these Korean pine trees make landscape very special. Although they all might look the same it took us quite a while with @nate.merz to reach them. They are scattered across the country. Koreans admire such bonsai trees so people make hiking

The necessity of silence and stillness. What is it like to be in your own mind? Does that sustain you or do you seek temporary distractions? I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer just something I’ve been paying more attention to. I feel mor

Cobra pine trees in South Korea. This pine forest groove is definitely one of the most amazing I've ever seen. Seems like trees are dancing or crawling as ancient Ents.



Just next to the city with 10 million people - Seoul - you can find such a peaceful place Dobongsan. 2 hours hike up to the mountain ridge and you are above sea of clouds in the middle of the nature. Just distant noise of waking Seoul traffic reminds

Dancing Korean pine trees. You may have noticed that my Korean series has an emphasis on pines. I find them the most beautiful and most graceful in the world. From every single different angles these pines interact with each other, dance and play. Ju

Carved in a rock. It may seem to be a hard way to hike up in mountains for 2-3 hours to reach each of these pine trees in my Korean series. But it's nothing compared how hard it was for the pine to grow from this rock.



South Korea autumn has some of the best colors in the world. In many places you can see such explosion of colors - red maples glow with at first rays of morning light.

Success! Happy Chelsea after seeing baby dolphins (like little footballs with pink bellies!), sitting in a serene rain while watching waterfalls cascade down thousand-foot mountain tops, and paddling a one-man canoe a few miles for my first time! Th

SOLACE // Film photos shot on a little $60 camera by @rorykramer in a community pool near his house. When Rory sent these to me I was pretty blown away at how much I liked them. Something about simplifying the process changed the way I looked at the

As it gets dark these sand dunes hum as you run across them. OMMM. It’s the craziest feeling, like being inside of a sound bowl. We all sort of looked at each other like what is happening? Scientifically, it’s something about moisture content and mo

Things I’ve learned lately 🦋 You have enough time. You’re just distracted. • You will never feel ready. And honestly half the time if you actually knew how hard it was going to be you never would start. (But once it’s over you’re always glad you did.

To fully experience Devil’s Tower you have to make the long journey to it. Surrounded by relatively flat land, what remains of a volcano jets 867 ft (265m) out of the ground. Can totally see why alien movies have been filmed here.

  • Looks amazing but I remember the story you made from that morning so I’m glad I can be at home watching this. Nice work man. That angle on The Tower is the best

  • @everchanginghorizon yep. Been up there 3 times now

Korean landscape is like oriental painting. Gentle pine trees on top of the rocks above sea of clouds and infinite layers of mountains. Hard to tell how was it even possible for the tree to grow this hard but beautiful way. This morning on top of Dae

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