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After ‘shloka ka birthday’ here’s another stunt by some loaded ch*^%•a... showering flowers over passerby’s... either it was some religious procession, which in most likelihood it would be (I was on the flyover and could not see what was happening be

  • I think it was Manan

  • Dude maybe it was one your insta followers showering the Africa twin 😁😁😁

Learn to calm down the winds of your mind, and you will enjoy great inner peace.

  • Great quote, quietening the mind makes a huge difference.

  • @lifecoachjulie When we find we can quiet our minds we do experience the benefits, it can even make us healthier!

Svegliata dal mio cane, che mi è entrato in camera da letto molto agitato, alle 4.45. Perlustrazione di casa e giardinetto, nulla. Il suo atteggiamento imcomprensibilmente esagitato... Aveva paura, ma non riuscivo a capire di cosa. Dopo un po' ho i





Ima be in the bath k bye thanks had a raw moment and had to share 🧂 been there? It was about time I talked to me about meeting the needs of me- whatever the moment may beWhat’s your medicine? I’d love to hear your ways of soothing a ruffled soul 🦃

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been having a rough 48hrs, the kind with lots of tears and lots of sleeping. I realized there wasn’t one main source but multiple things making me feel overwhelmed etc. I let myself sleep, I let myself cry. I allowed to take a day off from my normal routine.

  • @modifiedbotanicals Yes, we don't need to understand this now, as it seems so bizarre. We just let it out and think about the wisdom later 🌌 still helps to hear that I'm not the only one🙏

Stressed? Agitated? Tense? Tired? Need a massage? If you answered 'YES' to any of these, give I Love... Beauty Co. a shout . . We offer various massage therapies in the comfort of your own home. Check out the web site for treatments, prices etc. . .



Relationship Matters: All by Myself ***************** It’s every parent’s nightmare and especially difficult as a single parent with no one to share this with. There are probably many questions running through your mind. However, at least now you kno

Quick Review #chotisarrdaarni Meher instructed all gill mansion servants to sanitize the house gave several instructions how to carry on until param gets cured firmly told none should enter Sarab 's bedroom without her permission Tensed Sarab ordere



Top 10 heaviest Muse songs: 10. The Small Print 9. New Born 8. Hyper Music 7. Showbiz 6. Dead Star 5. Yes Please 4. Shrinking Universe 3. Ashamed 2. Stockholm Syndrome 1. Agitated (Honourable mentions: Plug in Baby, Citizen Erased, Cave, The

I just couldn’t help but giggle earlier when my teenage daughter said & continued to explain to me what a “salty” person meant 🤣. And it got me thinking of the best advice & steps to try in ‘awkward‘, ‘confrontational’, & troubled salty water situati

  • @jeanettefarrar So funny. It takes some doing keeping up with all these young adult phrases ha ha. xx

  • @brightandbeauty1 indeed! Although I see the serious side of it to so it’s good to know so we can keep a healthy connection with them & keep them safe where possible. But ‘salty’ & it’s meaning just got me 😝



"It's hump day and perhaps the toughest day of the week for you?" . "What drives you?" . " FAITH it ! " til you make it . . "Where we are right now is exactly where we supposed to be." If you've agreed & satisfied

Corruption. Femicide. Human trafficking. Accessible drugs on every street corner. Unemployment. @cyrilramaphosa Wathi asithume wena!! Nakho ke mongameli wethu! We in seek of immediate rehabilitation not just a speech. Human survival and life is at

This.Makes.Me.Happy Today I have just been feeling rubbish. My mood has been really low and I just feel agitated. I want to be able to sit down and feel okay and not on edge. Today I have felt the complete opposite. Even last night driving home befo

Subtypes of depression have been linked to deficiencies (or excess) of neurotransmitters in our brain that affect mood and behavior. While understanding of the brain is continuing to develop over time, we know that these three play a vital role in ou

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  • @melieinthesky ah oui ?! Dingue ! Et j’imagine que tu n’avais pas pris de brassards 😅🏊🏼‍♀️ Ouf ça s’est bien terminé !

  • @raphaelle_tchouk non 😂

Depression has multiple ‘faces’. It looks differently and presents differently for various individuals. It is not only the tearful, melancholy, fatigued symptoms that we so often associate it with. . Depending on chemical imbalances and the individua

  • Hashtags: #depression #healingispossible #anxious #agitated #sluggish #connection #humanness #relationships #breath #meditate #mindful #mindfulness #kingfield #tangletown #minneapolis #nicollet #mentalhealthjourney #mentalhealthawareness #endthestigma #integrativementalhealth #healing #anxiety #depression #trauma #selflove #compassion #patience #trustyourhealing #wellnessmn #integrativewellness #minneapolis

So.... here is what happens if your husband works a long shift at the Fire dept, comes home to no electricity and a yellow jacket comes out of a bush and stings him.. 🦟. Your home will be torched.. let us know if you would like to hire him to be you



#repost @saso.vollmaier ・・・ ‘Vollmaier plays Laibach’ 21.09.19 (20h), Kmkc Kompleks, Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia info: 15.festival slovenskega jazza Music/themes by Laibach, developed, arranged and (re)composed by Vollmaier Logo

Can ya BACK THE FUCK UP??? Someone is going to get killed during the rut this year. Why do people feel the need to stick their cell phones in the face of a wild animal?!! Infuriated. And it’s never ending. Every day I spend more time shaking my head

  • @charlymarlyy not complaining, bringing awareness. I think sometimes the best way for mass action is to change the social norm. These people don’t even speak English, like many that come to the national park. In my experience it actually doesn’t help trying to talk to them, nor do I have the right, the time, or the energy to do so. The park rangers can give them a ticket, that is there job. I’m just amazed at how people act in this park (just like anywhere else in the world), and wanted to share something I see all too often from my point of view.

  • @questionablereality ah yes, makes sense. Now i do agree. Thanks for pointing it Out and making me understand too.

Been trying to use skills, was mindful in the pool, staring at the ceiling so I drew it when I got back. Not very architecturally accurate but you get the gist. I managed to assert myself and say I needed to not go out today and instead spent the tim

  • Proud of you 🖤

  • This is a really soothing picture. Also you're amazing ❤️

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