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20 months now since we had to say goodbye to Pelle... Still missing her ️ So grateful that Maggie brings comfort every single day... . . . #pellepics #missmydog

  • Pelle was such a beautiful girl❣️😇💫I’m so happy that you found lovely, funny Maggie to share your life with😃🤗♥️♥️♥️

  • Yes... Pelle was kind of my soulmate❤️... and now Maggie is - in a different but also matching way - soul mate too 🧡 thank you my friend 🤗



Hello From Monterey, California! No cute little Reggie today (my 3year old Havapoo) so thought I’d share a few friends I met yesterday at Monterey Aquarium. You’ve got a tiger shark, jellyfish, octopus, friends of Dory and others. We visited aquarium

Ima miss you Mia....she was a pain in the ass always running away to go eat garbage, picking fights with bigger dogs, chasing and barking at old ladies walking in the neighborhood, little things that pissed me off but also made me laugh...sigh I nee

As we all know loosing a pet is really hard to deal with. We always need something to remind us of them. After loosing my dog Jessie in may it got me thinking, and this is the result. I can now hang this near her urn and even using it as a memorial o

  • This is so cute! I can feature this to thousands of shoppers on my Instagram today if you fill out the quick application in my bio!😍

  • Such a lovely tribute to a dear pet ❤️❤️❤️



We are HOME!️ And I didn’t sleep a lick because Gloria wanted to make up for all the missed cuddles the past ten days last night I am so excited to get back in the swing of things around here! And I really can’t wait to get my land legs back because

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  • That’s awesome!!! 🐢 💗🐢💗

"What do you mean you have to work? It's time to chase cats! Play with me! Love me! Is it an ice cream?" 🧡 #missmydog

  • Дикий пес😏

  • @dstarunchak він за тобою скучив, людино😄

Wow seit einer gefühlten Ewigkeit war ich mal wieder richtig aus und hab echt lang geschlafen Ich bin schon lange nicht mehr im Bett liegen geblieben und erst Mittags aufgestanden um zu Frühstücken . Nachdem Betty gebracht wird hab ich such keinen St

  • Oh vielen vielen Dank ❤️😍 das bedeutet mir unglaublich viel 💫 wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Sonntag 💛

  • @oonamaste gerne doch 😃 den wünsche ich dir natürlich auch 💝



My big bad wolf baby had a nice time in the U-district with me this weekend! I missed his dumbass, I can't wait for him to live with me again~ #missmydog #doggo

October 12th marked one year of heartbreak. This past year has been hell and I just wish I could hold you and everything would be okay again. No other animal can and will replace you. I miss you so much Bubba. On the worst of days I fall asleep curle

Sad eyes don’t go to work again mum ️

  • #pomeranian #sundaydog #dogwalker #saddog #pompom #pomeriaan #pomerania #dogweekend #crybaby #cuteboys #teddy #tutudress #sad #crying #missyou #missmydog #pomsky #pomlife

  • Tu Tu cute 😍

Tenderness . . . I’m so happy and grateful to be here in Bali on an incredible teacher training that I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe I am actually on but I’m missing my dog SO much right now - she brings out so much tenderness in me an

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Yesterday I lost my best Chloe Dog. What a horrible day. But @northwoodahhp is seriously the best ever. Not only did my vet cry with me the entire time she was doing the I come home to these from the folks at Northwood. Seriously? A

  • I am sooo sorry, Alice!

  • @jennycasanega thank you. We buried her today at the farm under some trees!

Mi bebé hermoso y compañero, mi Kaiser. Cada año, en estas fechas, te recordamos en el altar familiar, pero siempre estás presente en mi ️. Lo encontramos en un refugio para perros en 1996 a través de un anuncio en el periódico, tenía dos meses y nos

  • Chiquito💕 qué bueno que sus caminos se cruzaron.

Haaa I know this the 3rd pic I posted today...but ...couldnt stop ..Graphic craze......ummmmm wait caption... "If there are no dogs in heaven, then after I die I want to go where they went"... Hope you understand my love towards dogs through this 🥰

Very sad day for us Our Penny passed away yesterday morning, for those of my followers who don't already know. It has been a devastating, grief stricken time for us. She died in our arms at 6am yesterday. She seemed fine just moments before. She had

  • Sending our love. So sorry for the loss of you precious girl❤️❤️❤️ RIP Penny🌈😢💕

  • So sorry ❤️🐶❤️

Two days left and counting down to hug my beautiful boy ️🥰‍️ #countdown #ilovemycavalier #cavaliersworld #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #love #missmydog #doggo #mybeautifulcavalier

  • Lo has dejado en un hotel? Yo por primera vez he contratado a una niñera para Bonobó que estara con él durante mis vacaciones. Asi no lo tengo que sacar de su casa

  • @ana_vipe no Ana! Está com Hugo ☺️ sí has hecho bien en contratar la babysitter. Mejor para que cuide de Bonobó en ambiente casero 😍 🐱 😘



2️⃣pics . . Autumn Leaves —Eric Clapton— . The falling leaves, drift by my window The autumn leaves, of red and gold I see your lips, the summer kisses The sun-burned hands, I used to hold . . Since you went away, the days grow long And soon I’ll

  • Nice abstract Lise-Marie 👌👌😊😘

  • @steve_major.dorset thanks a million Steve! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🧚🏻‍♀️😘🧚🏻‍♀️🙋‍♀️💕

Mom’s going on another trip today. I’m not a cuddly dog, but I am when I know something’s up. But when she comes home, dad will be coming home too! Who knows if I’ll even remember who he is 🤷‍️

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Away from these two and I am missing my cuddles. So looking forward to the Schnauzer welcome home madness and a big hug for my son. Who has been amaZing this week with looking after her every need.



Un bien triste anniversaire aujourd’hui, un an déjà sans elle, sans ma figoglue, mon ombre, ma carline. Les pensées sont encore quasi quotidienne et la peine toute aussi grande #tumemanque #figolue #pug #missmydog

Saw this photo today of me and my sweet Dixie girl. I still can’t believe she is gone. Also can’t believe this was from 2012. Holy smokes. #missmydog



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