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Joy’s Children’s Learning Center Inc. understands the importance of outdoor play. Outdoor play builds physically and mentally healthier children. Nowhere is better than the outdoors for running, jumping, throwing balls, catching, pulling things, lift

This morning we took on the challenge of completing the new version of the Army’s physical fitness, the ACFT, to the standard the Army has set for us. This was more fun in a way, but also more challenging, which is a good thing. If you don’t like a

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**Full video on IGTV** . “What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn’t think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I

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  • @aaronthetransparent thanks man! always trying to get the video to reflect the intensity of the class!

Though it's important to stay physically healthy, keeping your mouth & teeth healthy is just as important! Take the next step to a healthy life and schedule with Couch & Hammond today!

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#physicalwellness >>> Mindful Movement⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠Way back Wednesday - let's see if we can jog that memory from the days you spent your time in that classic elementary school desk.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Are you imagining the top that went up but often nearly brought u

Repost from @erwinseguiapt of @matchfitperformance. Train for your craft, but also train your mind for success. The process is difficult, especially in hard or slow times. Small consistent changes can make all the difference. * * “𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗧𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗶𝘀 𝗲𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁⁣

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T shirts and Hoodys almost ready, get your name down for next batch @ifstrongwear To join the strongest team go to . All your strength needs in one place ●Bodybuilding . ●strongman . ●powerlifting . ●fightingfit . ●condition

Hands up mommas . WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE & THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IT! . Mom guilt be gone, we are all in this together, doing our best & if needing some time for you results in a happier home, happier baby then so be it. . Sharing a little mom story

  • Isn't that what the gym was created for? No kids allowed and our own music blasting instead of cartoons 😂😂😂

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Busy working moms like me don't have much time to do a workout or go to a gym. But it shouldn't hinder us from being physically fit. There are ways to do it and running is one of the best and simple exercises we can do to stay healthy and strong. ⠀⠀⠀

It's been 12 weeks. 3 long months. In all that time I've gotten into the habit of: ️going to the gym M-F ‍️ ️cycling ‍️ M,W(x2),F ️🧘‍️yoga Mon + Thurs ️x2 daily walks This all started when I had a conversation with myself a few weeks ago. It was a

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حدد الاجتماع الأمني خط سير الجماهير إلى الاستاد، حيث يسلك جمهور الزمالك محور التعمير عن طريق الكيلو 21 ، وتم تخصيص الجهة اليمنى لجمهور الزمالك وتحدد بوابة 10 لدخول حاملي تذاكر الدرجة الموحدة وبوابة 2 لدخول حاملي الدرجة الأولى.#fitness #fitnessmotiva



𝐆𝐫𝐢𝐭 • /grit/ • Noun • courage and resolve; strength of character. • • • • • You must show true grit in this sport if you want to eat... An injury sat me down for Two and a half months... making my appetite that much worse. So In the words of the gre

Repost @pilateswithnrg . . If done right this exercise can hit those low abdominals hard!!!! This might have already been thought of but I like to think I created this exercise as a modification to the sitting pike on the Wunda chair! ▫️Starting upri

A big shoutout to one of our biggest supporter to our #keto journey , our baby big boy. He inspire us to be a better person not just on how we treat others but physically. From being my yoga partner (he loves the last pose that I usually do 🤣) and

It’s Tuesday, right! Sometimes we lose our footing or fall off our center a little and that’s ok! Just remember WTF you are and get back in alignment! ————————————————— Here’s a #transformationtuesday to get you back motivated! The pic on the left wa

At GDBA, the most successful protectors are honest, trustworthy and effective communicators. They're curious, passionate, flexible and service oriented. On top of that, GDBA embodies and encourages a healthy and physical culture among its protectors

  • @aguilar_chris_zr2 no it does not. We encourage you to apply!

  • Does not being a strong swimmer an instant disqualifier? I Wish to apply.

SOÑADORES.... Conocéis el invento este?? Es una esponja majica, limpia todo tipo de manchas, para las paredes genial, yo con la silla de ruedas las marco todas, niños pequeños o cualquiera mancha. Oye, un inventazo jehehehe, lo único que se deshace p

  • TRIXES 30 Pack de Esponjas...

  • Ahí están, esas son las mias

Superstar interviewer and podcaster of Seton Hall @s_moran02 put together an amazing piece when interviewing one of my favorite people in the world @juliefoudy. Julie dropped this gem about leadership and failure. * * Failure is an inevitable part of

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A fun, active and interesting activity for helping children learn to distinguish left from right. For more info contact: Little nest nursery Add: Villa no.1, Al Jafliya, Street 2A, off Al Mankhool Rd., Bur Dubai, UAE. ️ tel: 04 398 3311 email: lit

Recycled basketball hoops Large motor movements are an important aspect of developmental growth in preschool therefore, this week we introduced basketball to our children. In our nursery we encourage children to recycle things, here we created thes

Sometimes we just need to look at ourselves from above... also standing next to people that are physically fit.... also wow don’t actually see yourself from above... also gawd would it kill me to walk into a gym ... Ella Gaggiano #fitness #physicall



Standing close grip barbell tricep extension for 5 reps. It's really a true test of strength when you have to do all of the work by yourself. In other words picking the weight up off the floor and lifting it over your head because usually people pick

The old character you're playing is the very thing that will prevent you from becoming this new version of you. You can't take the old story into the new identity..

Firstly your 40 not 90!!! . I personally say no, if you've always trained then why should it be any different from when you was 39? It's more about the mileage on the body, and the abuse you've given it. It's a bit like a car, it could be less than 3

#transformationtuesday . . . .These pictures are roughly the same weight. The scales really don’t show anything. First picture was when I used to count calories but it didn’t make me happy as I was too focused on this and it led me to spiral downhill

It's the times that only a select few will understand and laugh with you about that make this club a blast. I came down this particular morning in Japan because my buddy was duty and I was bored. After a another buddy fashioned this i screamed at the




- فتح الله لعب فى الدورى المصرى 300 مباراة سجل 49 هدف وصنع 7 أهداف. - حقق 3 بطولات كأس مصر مع #الزمالك ، وحقق بطولتى أمم أفريقيا 2008 و 2010 مع منتخب مصر. بالتوفيق فى مشوارك القادم بعد الإعتزال يا فتح الله.#fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivationbicep

مرتضى منصور :تم توقيع عقد مع شركة تذكرتي لتولي بيع تذاكر مباريات الزمالك فى الموسم الجديد#fitness #fitnessmotivation #motivationbiceps #benchpress #bodytransfation #bodybuilding #bodybulidinglifestyle #topmodels #model #fitnessmodel #egyptianmodels #die

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