The second day of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers has attracted hundreds of visitors to the city, eager to participate in the festivities. The event has been running since 1949 and has become the longest-running floral event of its kind in Australi

Nyngan to Nevertire: Due to a dust storm, the Mitchell Highway is closed in both directions between Nevertire and Trangie until the dust storm eases. Motorists are urged to stay away from the area and delay their journey. There's also a three-car cr





A driver is being questioned by police after allegedly crashing into a woman before fleeing the scene in Sydney's north-west this morning. #windsor #7news



I was watching the coverage of the protest on 7news and the way that the story was told made the protest sound violent and like we young people don't know what we are talking about, which is frankly insulting. By using words such as 'skipping school

  • WOW i’m disappointed in the media...again

  • My daughter took time off from school today to go and I am proud of her for it!! @chelseatrewin_ @chelseaaaspam_

WATCH OUT!: Dramatic video of pedestrian ‘zombies’. Plus, how bonking in Bali could land you in jail. And incredible climate change protests across Australia. Today on The Latest on Facebook Watch, hosted by @michaelusher #thelatest #7news

A woman who repeatedly drugged her toddler with prescription medication - causing him to almost fatally overdose has been jailed for six years. The young mum was charged with using poison to endanger life after police began investigating the care of

  • Mental disorder?, don’t have kids if your gonna kill them 😡 that’s precious human life.

  • Show the fat c**nts face

There were long delays on the North Shore train line this morning after a car fell onto a rail corridor at Waitara. #waitara #7news

WATCH OUT!: Dramatic video of pedestrian ‘zombies’. Plus, how bonking in Bali could land you in jail. And incredible climate change protests across Australia. Today on The Latest on Facebook Watch, hosted by @michaelusher #thelatest #7news

  • Love being able to catch up on the news via Insta....Great job 7Newsqueensland 👍

  • Phone should be banned for roads

WATCH OUT!: Dramatic video of pedestrian ‘zombies’. Plus, how bonking in Bali could land you in jail. And incredible climate change protests across Australia. Today on The Latest on Facebook Watch, hosted by @michaelusher #thelatest #7news

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  • Well there goes all there tourists, oh well they will learn the hard way just how stupid it is when there is a huge percentage of people that travel over there as boyfriend and girlfriend, no one is going to want to stay there with a law as pathetic as this. 😂😂😂

Narara: Police have issued a crime scene warrant in connection to murder of Danielle Easey whose body was found wrapped in plastic. A 33-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman have been arrested following extensive investigation. #dan

Thousands march through the Adelaide CBD as part of national climate protests, demanding the government commits to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Report in 7NEWS at 4pm and 6pm. More info in our story. #auspol #climatechange #protest #7news

  • Send those kids back to school 😂 the teachers are just filling bullsh*t into them- smh 🤦‍♀️

  • I hate how a lot of teachers and adults are filling these kids with freaking crap they don’t even need to worry about. 😒 Half of them are probably just doing it cause their friend is or their teacher made them do it

Me at the climate action strike Broadbeach! #climatestrike #broadbeach #stopadani #climateaction #hemp #gretathunberg #strikeforclimate #thereisnoplanetb #theseasarerising #7news #7newsgoldcoast #abcnews #abcmyphoto #9news #9newsgoldcoast

  • @masked_pimp This is the face of someone who cares about our planet. Who picks up other peoples discarded rubbish, daily. This is the face of empathy. This is the face of someone who doesn't hide behind a you do!

  • @gingerlilly8 I use a mask for privacy reasons lmao

Brisbane streets closed as thousands of school students join a climate change protest. #climatestrike #7news

  • @t0m0br0 kids are only doing it because of what has been driven into their tiny little heads, half those children out there would have been at least 5 years of age . what education is in that

  • @jdoubleu1981 in not joking, a lot out there would agree with my opinion



Granville: A woman has been assaulted at a home on Bennalong Street, waking up to find a man allegedly lying on top of her. She pushed him off and screamed as he then ran from the scene. Police are appealing for public assistance to locate the man. #

Global Strike 4 Climate protest is underway in Brisbane’s CBD. At least 35,000 people nationwide are set to strike in favour of stronger action on climate change. #climatestrike #7news

  • @gigivorias_art ha, well done Brisbane is Brisbane that stupid they need to use tiny children to walk the city streets protesting using cardboard to protest

  • If that was day of school holidays .love to See how many would have turned up.

One lucky Queenslander still doesn't know they're a multimillionaire. Could it be you? A Brisbane man and a Sydney man have been identified as two of the three division one winners, both pocketing $50 million each. #7news

Thousands of students across Australia are expected to take part in Friday's climate strike, with rallies planned in capital cities and regional towns. Some students have called for Adani not to proceed with their Carmichael coal mine in Queensland a

  • @rickiethelionking you should be bloody ashamed that your generation didn’t do anything about it so now kids have to protest for THEIR FUTURE

  • @theofficial_kem back ive got to be ashamed of pal, i didn't skip school protesting on city streets. i stayed in my class and room and received a decent education from my teacher. is this how parents educate their kids these days let them protest on city streets instead of being in class, half the kids out there sunshine would of been at least 5 years of, would you let your kids march in a protest if it became violent ?

The guests to meet trump in a white hose dinner. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. (Quote taken from Star Wars. For illustration purposes only) who will be attending the White House state dinner: Kerry Stokes Andrew “Twig

At least 35,000 people nationwide, and perhaps as many as 225,000, are set to strike in favour of stronger action on climate change. The Global Strike 4 Climate will take place in 110 towns and cities across Australia, with organisers demanding the g

  • @anthonyaboumelhem either that or we actually care about the world we live in 🌏 @schoolstrikeforclimate @schoolstrikeforclimatesydney

Indonesia has proposed a new penal code that criminalises unmarried couples who "live together as a husband and wife" and introduces stiff penalties for insulting the president's dignity. Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim majority country

  • Bali is classified as a kingdom and thus have the ability to and have said they will reject implementation of this. Typical media blowing this out of proportion to cause a frenzy



Some of our state's heroes were honoured today, with community groups recognised for their work protecting locals from bushfires, floods and other major disasters. #7news

A $300 million dollar coal mine has been axed over environmental concerns. The mine, planned for the Bylong Valley, would have created 600 jobs. Planning Minister @robstokesmp says the decision gives local residents 'finality'. The mine was supported

  • And probably owned by the chinese if thats the cade lolololol

Bankstown: A man is lucky to be alive after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree overnight. Debris from the wreckage, including the car's engine, could be seen meters down the road. Remarkably, the driver walked away with no signifi

Calga: A truck driver has managed to jump free after his rig caught fire on the M1 last night. The trailer of the B-double was engulfed by flames, which quickly spread to the driver's cabin. What sparked the fire is still not clear. #calga #7news

Heatherbrae: Passengers were forced to evacuate a private coach this afternoon after a fire broke out on board. Everyone was able to make a safe exit before the flames took hold. Fire crews were able to extinguish the blaze quickly. #hea

A Tamil asylum seeker family will remain on Australian soil for now after being granted another court reprieve. A hearing will examine the grounds for a protection visa for the youngest Australian-born daughter, which has not been heard by a court be

  • Send them home and stop wasting our tax pays dollars

  • Come to Australia illegally, have kids and then Kay the guilt to stay

The biggest jackpot in Australian history has just been drawn - time to check your tickets. Are you a millionaire yet? Find all the winning Powerball numbers on Good luck! #powerball #7news

  • Wasn’t me 🌞

  • I got 3 numbers plus PB just missing the other 4 ah well better luck next time so my dream home has come to & end

There'll be a high-tech way to see what the Cross River Rail development will look like, with a virtual reality centre opening in Brisbane next week. #7news

  • $5.4 billion seriously will people actually use cross river rail instead of vehicles, they haven't started on Brisbanes metro system yet

Wayne Bennett has gleefully fired a series of backhanders to the Broncos today, the supercoach suggesting Brisbane players wouldn't dare play pokies on his watch and he staunchly defended Darius Boyd, claiming he's become a scapegoat for the club. #7

GRANDMA TACKLES ROBBER: Shocking video. Watch a brave nanna tackle an ATM mugger. Vegan protesters storm a supermarket to stop the sale of meat. Plus, the Aussie father who used a jar of coffee to stop a carjacker. Today on The Latest on Facebook Wat

  • Vegans, bash the fuckers

  • @deanmck02 your a joke 😂😂😂 white people commit the most crimes in Australia, judging from your comments you are the one who sounds challenged😂🤦🏿‍♂️



A public holiday on Christmas Eve is a step closer after new laws were introduced into State Parliament. #7news

  • And the costs of goods go up well done. Muppets.

  • From 6pm onwards as a public holiday is excellent! 👏👏 Having spent many years in retail it is depressing serving angry and rude customers, when you know your family is at home getting ready for Christmas. Big companies have a lot to answer for.... unless every CEO is prepared to work Christmas eve at the ground level of their business.

Two officers drew their guns and fired at a driver who allegedly lit four or five bushfires then rammed their police car near Proserpine in North Queensland. #7news

  • With the training that Australian police go through, they obviously don’t get taught how to use there handguns so when something like this happens, they have no idea how to use it

  • For God's SAKE WE DON'T NEED ANYMORE FIRES do these people seriously want our town to burn oh so I suppose they are gonna like living in jail or in the streets

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