In my quest for more and more astro photographs I find myself exploring and going deeper and deeper. I didn't manage to get to see the harvest moon, so I tried to make the most of its remnants. I had a drive in at dusk and twilight, just to make it

The Milyway core still insists on being in a weird place. Therefore, I'm finding myself shooting more of the tail. I like it. It also reminds me how awesome shooting astro is. You get longer than you do with a sunrise or sunset, it's more fickle, and



As you no doubt already know, we had the Aurora visit us last night. Many of you will have seen my hurried shot edited and posted from my camera to my phone as I danced around with great joy. If you're here in NZ then no doubt your feed has been full

I'm finding the orientation of the milky way core challenging at the moment, almost as challenging as the vast number of clouds generally present during a new moon cycle. I managed a quick trip out last night, but the core was at a crazy elevation.



Go on, tell me, who left the dam lights on again? When the Waitaki Dam was being built, they built a village for the workers. Needless to say, once the dam was built, the workers moved on. The village is still there, the people are not. We first di

Same same, but different

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Do you even shoot during the day anymore? I'm not sure I really do. Well, I do, but it seems that I'm really gravitating towards the night skies and landscapes illuminated by them. I'm loving putting together an even better set of images for a coll

Word on the street is that the cars driving along the highway here destroy all possibility of shooting astro. I beg to differ. OK, if the traffic was constant, then yes, it would be distracting, but when you are there and one lights up the landscape

After the opening of the Night Sky Exhibition in Alexandra, I headed to Dunedin to facilitate my first @theoutlookforsomeday workshop of the year. The skies have been full of rain and cloud in the last week, scuppering my plans for astro. I'm workin

  • Mate!!!!! Wicked shot. I’ve thought about this shot too, but you nailed it!

  • Beautiful ❤️💯👌🏾

Life is challenging. It appears to take some really strange twists and turns, you think you have a level on something and then it turns out you don't. The last 7 days have bamboozled me. Thank you @emmasgonecycling for putting up with me, loving me

  • Magical Simon hope this weeks better 👊

  • Beautiful words bro, stunning pic. Heres to a better week 👍🏽

Long exposures make landscapes look so peaceful. I love the dynamic nature of the clouds couple with the ultra soft tussocks on the rolling hills. You might be forgiven for thinking it's all calm in yonder hills, it can be ... . . . . . . . . . #ast

H Y P E Could Hype be the curse of modern society? Well one of the major ones. All over the news yesterday were claims of being able to see an Aurora. On the opposite side of the commentary were people who knew about Aurora, saying the chances were

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  • @tomaswhphotos isn’t it just, thanks for the company, I hope you managed to get something you’re pleased with

Car is packed up, coffee is ready, camera, batteries, tripod and notepad are all set. The Persied Meteor Shower hits it's high point tonight and my soul is beyond excited. Headed up to my spot in 3 hours to shoot til 4 am and then off to work after

Staring into infinity. It was really hard to capture the Milky Way from a small cruise boat that was sailing and rocking it's way though the Mediterranean! After a number of attempts, I was able capture this one. I then stepped back 10 feet to incl

  • Fantastic Kev 😍

  • @canadagrrl52 thanks :) it was awesome to be able to see the milky way clearly from the boat, but totally amazing to see how well my camera was able to capture it!

Galactic fireworks.

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  • 🤙🏼 Aloha 🤙🏼

Weather here in south Texas has been pretty crappy of late with all the clouds and rain. Needless to say there has been zero chance for me to get out and shoot early season milky way. All weekend it was shaping up to be a clear beautiful Monday mor



Fresh ice after a 'rain on snow event' this week! This is what happens when an ice fishing hole refreezes, cosmic visions appear, love this perfectly formed black hole trapped in ice. See my IG feed for many more in this series if you love #abstract

Searching for Cygnus | Lake Tahoe, California Recently had a layover in Reno. I knew I had to drive to Tahoe, as its one of my favorite places on earth. Managed to get this shot of the Milky Way climbing over the pine trees before I heard something

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@isaacli you've gone and inspired me again. This is the best selfie I've ever taken. 18 months ago now, although as I look at it I'm wondering why I haven't done more of looks like there are going to be a few cold winters nights ahead of me.

  • Star trails!! @si_williams_ that is great, how many shots stacked through time lapse? Seriously, get to Tekapo if you can, it's surreal there. Will plan a trip there this year again and will come say hi my man

  • Just one exposure @isaacli, this was day two of astro photog...if you're coming down please let me know. I'm overdue a trip to tekapo to shoot and Wanaka is always a mean place to visit. Yayaaaaa