Pest News: Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s the burliest bear of them all? Holly, an Alaskan bear, has earned this year’s distinction of Alaska’s fattest bear. @katmainpp hosts the competition annually—and Holly stole the show. Happy Hibernating Hol

Thanks to everyone who came out to Wild Coyote last week. This a photo of me looking way cooler than I actually am. @anesheim took this excellent photo. You should hire him to take photos of you and make you look cooler than you actually are. • • • •

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Fat Bear week ended last Tuesday and we have to give it to Holly, bear number 435! According to Katmai National Park and Preserve, “It was very hard to get a good picture [of Holly] out of the water because she was a submarine for the entire month.

Each year Alaska’s Katmai National Park celebrates it's "fat" bears by hosting Fat Bear Week! The contest is a fun and slightly competitive way for people to learn about how bears (and other animals) prepare for hibernation as winter approaches. Th

  • @kayem_2000 Thank you for pointing out our mistake! We've fixed it now 😉

  • @wildearthguardians Holly probably wouldn’t mind at all, like fibbing a little on our driver’s licenses! 😂 I really do wonder what her weight is, because she is (no judgement!) one bear 🤣😂

Yooo the Mash-Up Round-Up is here with our favs stories of last week • Mindy Kaling Didn't Sign Up to Be a Role Model By Rebecca Nelson @elleusa • Why All Parents Should Talk With Their Kids About Social Identity By Cory Turner @npr • Rihanna Talks

While we can't compete with some of the salmon stuffed bears further north, ours do pretty well with what they can get their paws on (mainly berries). You can adopt an acre of the BCCER (link in bio) for less than 34 cents a day. Money raised helps p

  • Where are these sweet bears from🐻?

  • @guitargirl16_ Our very own Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve!

This years winner was Holly! "Holly in all her magnificent gluttonous glory is the queen of all fat bears! Her gelatinous rolls will allow her to survive through the inter, and maybe even produce some Cubs next spring. She would like to especially th

  • @canyousaygriffin Do you know what a grizzly's diet consists of? Plants make up the majority of a Grizzly bears diet, plants 90 percent of it's overall diet. A grizzly bear being present in an area can eliminate uneaten plant debris that would become fuel for a fire.

  • @vtroi cettoursela

Congratulations to Holly! She just won Katmai National Park and Preserve's "Fat Bear Week". It's an annual event that shows how the bears put on lots of extra weight in preparation for the winter. While it's normal for bears to pack on the pounds ea



Bear number 435, a.k.a. "Holly", is Katmai National Park's 2019 Fat Bear Week Champion. Holly tallied 17,500 votes, handily topping runner-up Lefty's 3,600 votes. The week-long bracket-style on-line contest garnered 187,000 votes this year-more that

Swipe for the transformation of the year read more about #fatbearweek on the website. Link in bio PC: NPS, 435 Holly in July and September

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  • That girl hit more than the salmon. She hit the bacon, the cupcakes, the cornbread, the waffles, the doughnuts, my sofa...👏👑🔥

"Mother bears rear cubs for two to three years. Males do not help raise the cubs. In fact, males can be a danger to the cubs, so females often avoid male grizzly bears while rearing their cubs." -- Nat Hab traveler Christopher Ang (@chrisangphoto ), c

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Yuck! Why would you want to put a massive mine right next door to the worlds largest concentration of brown bears who rely on the abundant salmon that thrive there? Just a dumb idea. If you’d like to help us in our fight against the pebble mine - pl

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In honor of Fat Bear Week 2019, we wanted to show off a big bear spotted on one of our Katmai trips. Our Basecamp Bears departures head into the backcountry wilderness of Katmai National Park & Preserve to view these incredible animals in their natur



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“Hey let’s build a giant mine in the wilderness of Alaska!” “Ma’am the largest concentration of brown bears is right next door with massive runs of wild salmon..”. “Pshh surly our well thought out “science plan” covers that” Guess what folks - it doe

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Hi Friend-os, this beautiful girl is Holly. Holly is the proud winner of this year's #fatbearweek contest in Alaska, and this is her in all her fluffy majesty before retiring to her cave to hibernate through a long, dark winter. As a reminder, as t

  • @iamcarlybe Honestly, this is the first year I'd heard of it, but after seeing all the chonky, beautiful contestants, I'm hooked.

  • Salmon patties for lunch today. I feel like Holly with the winter months

It’s the season bears start going crazy for salmon to sleep all winter. They must be onto something so we should follow suit! We’re selling at Kingston’s Farmer’s Market today with 1-2Ibs fillets as well as some half pound packs of two! Embrace your

So this week I discovered that my new favourite week of the year existed - Fat Bear Week If you’ve never heard of it before, a National Park in Alaska runs a yearly competition where members of the public vote for the brown bear who has got the cho



САМАЯ ТОЛСТАЯ МЕДВЕДИЦА⠀ ⠀ В национальном парке и заповеднике Катмай на Аляске ежегодно проводится Fat Bear Week – «неделя толстого медведя», в рамках которой определяется и коронуется самое упитанное животное парка. До 2014 года его выбирали посетит

It’s here it’s finally here! Get your Fat Bear queen t-shirt at Katmai Conservancy’s online store designed by @sarawolmandesigns. Just click on the link in the profile and scroll down to “pre-order.” Shirts will be gray made with super soft cotton. A

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