Upper back and shoulders tense? Find relief using just 3 simple poses. ... This release sequence is my ‘go to’ at the end of a long day. 1️⃣Disco Cat. This variation of cat-cow is great for improving upper back mobility and also brings in sideways



“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run...” -John Keats Happy Autumn! We saw in the new season at a beautiful wed

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  • Looks fab xx



Yoga, coffee, readings ️ Hope your Monday is off to a good start!

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  • Hello, How much do you know about time management and time tracking?! we released "Pendulums", a completely free time tracking app. we will be happy to hear your comments about it. 😍🌺

A quiet late afternoon under The Bridge of Sighs. If you’re an Oxford local you’ll understand how rare it is to see this street so empty in daylight hours. This was taken with Portra 160 35mm film. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #igersoxford #oxfor

Having mixed feelings about this weeks forecasts, very ready for Autumn but not ready to juggle shoots around the rain... On that note, my books are now open for October. So if you’re looking for fashion, portrait or headshot photography send over a

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“I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature” - Friedrich Nietzsche Today is the Autumn Equinox which according to most is the official start of Autumn. Let the best season of the year begin

  • Lovely photo! I’m also wearing this exact dress today 😂🍁

  • @elizabethfleur haha! I love that dress. Had it for 4 years now but it’s a classic 😍

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? Let me know below!⁠ ⁠ As a bridal hair and makeup artist, my clients usually find it at once amusing and slightly horrifying that I used to be a solicitor who specialised in *divorce*! ⁠ ⁠ Clic

A very packed weekend, but filled with fun! I think I need another one to recover Today might be a slow one - I’ve let emails pile up, and I’ve still got a couple of sermon-books to skim through. I’m looking forward to sitting in silence for a while

  • You might as well be one of the most inspiring young person out there. Huge respect 👍🏻 - a random follower

Good morning, darlings! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How was everyone’s weekends? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I had a fabby day at Blenheim on Saturday, watching the XC and doing a spot of shopping! I met the lovely gorgeous @georgiapipes at the @fairfaxandfavor stand! Her skirts are

  • Oooh what nice things did you buy at Blenheim? 😍 Xx

  • @the_v_factor There might have been a trip to the @joules stand! 💸 Plus some other bits and bobs! I think I might pop up a little IG video to show what I picked up - I spend way too much in the Autumn! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Hope you’re having a great Monday lovely! Xx

Stormy skies, autumn colours and honey coloured brickwork in Oxford today. Wouldn't bother going back, a pretentious city that doesn't like dogs. They are allowed in John Lewis, Malmaison and some great little establishments like @handlebaroxford. Bu

And just like that, she became a bride! ⁠ ⁠ Hair and makeup plays as an important a role in your bridal transformation as your dress does. I love to transform my clients into brides using subtle makeup techniques which make you look 'naturally glamor

I snapped this earlier today after a wander through the Bodleian Library grounds en route to Blackwells to peruse the children's section (YA) before heading home... I feel as though it captures that September feel that arrived today with the rain, as

  • @postleslodge I LOVE the children's section 😆

  • Beautiful Oxford ❤️ We are wanting to watch Dark Crystal as our next series!

Last year we worked with the wonderful Camerados on their 'Living Room in a Box' project. They wanted to be able to send a box to communities across the UK, containing everything you'd need to set up a public living room in the community - with the a

Camerados is a human charity. They believe that the answer to our problems is each other, and so they work to bring people together through creating community spaces. When they came to us to work on their logo and brand identity, we knew that this h

Last year we worked with the wonderful Camerados on their 'Living Room in a Box' project. They wanted to be able to send a box to communities across the UK, containing everything you'd need to set up a public living room in the community - with the a

[ad] lots of you have been asking me how i’m learning Italian 🇮🇹, @quizlet have helped me utilise those small pockets of time when i’m on the train or waiting for friends {you know who you are } to reinforce basic vocab - having electronic flash card

  • @lukebirch_ u know 💛

  • @violahelen_ Oh! Tysm for the info💛i shall look it asap😄 and Wish u the very best for ur days in Rome and Italy💝💝💝hope to see blogs up on ur channel soon!👀👀😊😊



It’s amazing what you can get done while a baby naps. Painting this has finished me. I ache all over and during painting I asked Evie if she liked the colours and her response was “no, I like the brown”. She has since assured me that she does like it

A T H L E T E S Have you got a sporting event coming up soon? Do you need to relax your muscles and aching body after your training session? Try pur new infrared sauna for £12.50 usual price £22.50 and see how relaxed your body feels are a good sw

The car is packed and we’re on our way to...drizzly London. Goodbye Witney. Goodbye amazing people at @audleytravel and getting to talk about Japan every day. Goodbye to friends I wish I had more time with. Goodbye sweet little flat. Goodbye to livin

  • We post you some if it tasted as good... you’ll just have to visit us and get all the 🍌 🍞 you can eat 😊

  • When I look at the progress of my family from the past to the present, I keep appreciating Mr Micheal for using Bitcoin trade and binary options, to recover hope back to us. DM @invest_with_micheal_

H Y P N O B I R T H I N G the weightlessness half a tonne if Epsom salt brings the pregnant body is unforgettable and highly relieving. I have the ability to play your selected hypnobirthing track into the pod as you lay and relax and prepare for t

The golden greens leading the way along the Thames walk from Port Meadow. #oxford #portmeadow #riverthames #towpath #thameswalk #overthebridge #intothedistance #goldengreens #trees #seasonsturn #lateafternoon #september #sunlight #latesummer #reflect

  • @bimbleapp We love it because it is a circular walk so if we keep going we get home again!! 😊🌿🌳🧡

  • @mindfulwildchild It was a lovely walk - the light bounces through the trees and across the water 😊🌿🌳

Views from a sunnier Sunday. My two favourite colleges from exploring last weekend were Magdalen and Exeter. One of the main reasons Exeter College became such a favourite was the spectacular views of Radcliffe Square and the Radcliffe Camera from t

Happy Sunday! Pictured: St Mary’s looking sublime in September light ️

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Our Saturday afternoon stroll took us to Jericho and St Sepulchre’s cemetery - a hidden gem that shone in the sunlight beyond the archway. #oxford #stsepulchrescemetery #jericho #waltonstreetoxford #gravestones #hiddengem #sunlight #goldenlight #ligh

  • Certainly is a hidden gem.

  • @suzyj123 It was certainly hidden from me - I literally lived across the road from it when I first came to Oxford! Finally 26 years later I got to visit! 😊🌳🌿



Weekends are for autumnal walks around a palace, hanging with my cutie boy, and neglecting my eyebrows.

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  • ❤️

Oxford è stata location di alcuni film che adoro tra cui Il Santo️ Harry Potter 1,2,4️X-Men First Classe ambientazione di una delle mie saghe preferite Queste Oscure Materie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #oxfo

The most magical village full of thatched beauties like this one deep in the heart of Oxfordshire hope you’ve had a lovely Saturday! 🥂 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #fernham #oxfordshire #experienceoxfordshire #thatchedcottage #c

  • Beautiful cottage! All the colours are fantastic and love the lavender! We had a lovely Saturday! Great to see you! Xxx

  • Ahh this is such a cute cottage 😁

We hope everyone that attended our #oxopenday yesterday enjoyed themselves, and you got a feel for what studying here might be like. ⁠ ⁠ For many of our students it's this experience that makes them want to study here - will you end up volunteering a

The two ends of one of my favourite glasshouses, the Conservatory, in the Botanic Garden. This image of pink fuchsias and the silvery grey glass is at the eastern end, and the bright light with the hydrangeas looks west. #oxford #botanicgarden #conse

  • The two sides are quite a contrast. The fuchsias feel cozy and domestic while the hydrangeas feel expansive and open.

  • @mariakoehmstedt Yes - I loved the contrast in the light too and how each end gave such a different feeling 😊🌿🌸🧡

I never knew Magdalen College contained a deer park until Oxford Open Doors last weekend. I’ve since read that there has been a deer herd here since 1700! I was so glad to have brought a lens with me with a zoom to get some pictures. #explore #expl

These delicious broccoli come from Sany Lane farm, just outside of Oxford. Perfect for broccoli cheddar soups to warm your bones. Link in bio -- Look out for us tomorrow at the Summertown market and get your local zero waste veg and goods to help sa



“Ceremony is essential to humans: It's a circle that we draw around important events to separate the momentous from the ordinary. And ritual is a sort of magical safety harness that guides us from one stage of our lives into the next, making sure we

@thedeliatno.5 find speciality food items like cheeses, charcuterie, pickles, jams, chutneys, honey and much more. The Deli at No. 5 is all about celebrating great British produce! You’ll also find a wide range of small-batch gins, spirits, beers and

  • Thank you for the lovely post! #indieoxford #LoveIndieOxford ❤️

Graduated from Oxford the other day, so decided to post this photo of Queens College. I took this whilst doing my first ever event photography gig at their ball (notice my snazzy logo) just as the sun was going down. This is probably my favourite Oxf

  • Not Wren but Hawksmoor modified by Townsend - but magnificent I agree

  • Wren did do the the Williamson Building at the back on Queens Lane but not the project for the front quad.

Picked up this book a few days ago and I tried to pace myself but ended up reading it all in two days. The title caught my attention and realizing who the author is got me even more excited to read. Ogbanje Ojebeta’s story reminds me so much of stori

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