The beginning of autumn if my favorite time of year, but it's also a bit of a bummer in rehab. Hawks and owls seem to come in almost daily with symptoms of West Nile virus. This red tailed hawk, presented with some neurological issues and Hippoboscid

These poor little guys lost their mom but were fortunate enough that a kind couple brought them to #lensc to be rehabbed. They were cold and very hungry so we got them on heat ASAP and hooked them up with some formula. They will be in great hands for

  • @laidtorest13 🤣 we don't name them because they are wild animals, but I will nickname the weirdo one of the bunch if I can for you while they are with us

  • I can not live this enough



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Adventures of Dr. Ginger: Nature's Night Out What an incredible night at the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center for the Nature's Night Out annual fundraiser! It is hard to believe this is my 4th year on the organizing committee =) Thank you to Deb an

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I like to tell people that evolution always comes with a trade off. If you have big eyes, there's no room for muscles to move them, and if you have silent flight, you lose some of the water proofing other raptors have. This screech owl is displeased

Someone else's loss is sometimes my gain, we were the recipient of this gorgeous Steelhead Trout, and despite my saltiness at my eagle right now, he got to enjoy this treat today. I usually reserve this for my eagle since it's such a special fish an

Positive reinforcement is so key to training animals; when I started training this guy, he was a 7 year old bird that books day "do not train" because they have too long a history of being wild and fearful of humans. But if you show patience and pair

I love this guy because he teaches me about bravery and trust just as much as I'm teaching him. A year ago he chose to step on to my glove and since then we have been working toward remaining on the glove no matter the stimulus. My next step just 4 m

At first glance, you might think this is poop, but it is in fact a pellet. Most times when we think about birds casting pellets, we think of owls, but the truth is that any bird that eats protein also casts pellets. This means that raptors such as ha

  • Always interesting to see what's in the pellet, esp when something the bird wasn't allowed to touch is in there 🤔

Shadows can create something mysterious

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Just another week in the life of Lake Erie Nature and Science Center. Monthly weigh-ins for my female Peregrine are always a source of amusement as she yells at me "ok I'm doing this but you have to do it next!", my raccoon enjoys a little breakfast

No filters today so that I can show off how beautiful our Bowfin is currently showing off his spawning colors. This is typical of males during breeding season as they brighten up to attract females and intimidate males. Here in Ohio we have quite a f

It's always a thrill when you make the effort to try and spice up an enclosure and the animal goes for it, and almost right away. This is a space that I and one of my coworkers designed and executed for our Gopher Tortoise. After hearing her try to b

Would you believe that a gorgeous, playful animal like this has a bad reputation? It's not even warranted! People see foxes and fear for the safety of their dogs and cats, but in reality they should be grateful for the presence of foxes. This anima

Did you know that chinchillas are the softest animals in the world? With up to 60 hairs per follicle (by comparison humans have one per follicle), their fur is extremely dense and this allowed them to live in cold climates like the Andes without get

If you're wondering why I took a picture of the ground, well if you look closely you'll see it's actually been scraped up by the judging owl to the left. It's January, which means breeding season is in full force for Great Horned Owls. As the first n

  • I'm sure an extra angry owl was just what you wanted too 😅

It's no secret that I love this guy so much. He's been making huge progress with our training, as I habituate him to the process of clipping the leash to his jesses. Today I held him the longest so far at nearly 5 minutes, and he showed really good

Just a handsome turkey vulture laying on his perch and getting some sun. Turkey Vultures are migratory in Northeast Ohio, not being adapted to our cold. So my boy here has a heated perch to keep his feetsies warm, but on warm sunny winter days like

I love getting to walk around with Red-tailed Hawks, it's probably the best part of my job aside from training eagles and other animals. This is our gorgeous girl from Lake Erie Nature & Science Center and she's been with us for almost a decade. Thes



Usually when I work the animals and birds I'm not with other people, so getting pics of me actually interacting with them is rare. But I was able to get this pic of one of my favorite species. Red-tailed Hawks are magnificent birds, able to soar over

  • @a_veverka27 lol I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  • Look like you are totally loving your job!!!!

There is nothing more satisfying than the struggle of printing when the digital realm become real. An object to take up space in the world. This is new work from my recent trip to England. Taken in Kew gardens a place from my childhood when it was 2

More adventures with Briar Rose the Rose haired Tarantula (she doesn't really have a name but it's cute, right?). Today she kept scurrying to me, wanting to be close to my hand, tuck herself into my arm, she even kept trying to get up into my hair. W

  • @jillt96 lol as they say cold hands, warm heart 😁

  • I wanna hold!!!

It wouldn't be the time of year without a creepy crawly photo! This is our Rose haired Tarantula hanging out with me this afternoon before I work my "double" and participate in our Halloween hayride. Before you say "nope!!” just appreciate how beaut

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My primary function as a Wildlife Specialist at my job is the health, wellness and maintenance of the animals at our center. Daily this means cleaning and feeding, but it's also more. Weighing, checking body condition and maintaining beak, talon and

I love when this guy shows me that he's comfortable around me; this afternoon after giving him his evening meal, I was being asked questions so I answered them while in the fox exhibit. During that time, he laid down on one of his logs and just went

Birds can be heavy, so sometimes us trainers have to lend an arm to help out. You can see that it made me SO sad. This Turkey Vulture has been with LENSC 28 years and had most likely been hit by a car, resulting in breaks to the wing that caused his

I love seeing all my animals showing behaviors of comfort, when they pull up a foot or do the "fist bump" foot resting, it makes me so happy because it means u have some will adjusted animals. Many times our birds and animals are wild born and live i

My husband Dr. Doolittle @frank216soltysiak found this little house swallow being scooped up by a shovel in a Walgreen’s parking lot last night. He was a lot peppier this morning, as you can see. The vet at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center said this

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