Unfortunately we’ve got bad news. Sognina has got a tumor that cannot be removed. We are treating her with cortisone to slow down the progress hopefully. The good news is she is still quite alright and she is getting a shameless amount of her favor





Someone had a big morning rolling in the fresh cut grass, chasing rabbits and running away despite the electric fence. She's one #tireddog . And I'm #pissedashell because she is green, stinks and is sleeping on my pillows.

  • Hi, how are you ? Your instagram looking so cool 👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏👏

  • @testycook thanks, love yours too. Makes me hungry!👏👏👏

A lil different from my usual post but this has me soooo in my feelings granted she went off a lil in the end but I was rooting for her. They really played my girl and really out of all ppl Jon snow 🤨I’m highly disappointed with the ending. Who else



#50 shades of cuteness. Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin walking their dog barefoot in Malibu. She wore a red polka dot dress and straw hat during the date, while Chris wore a plain white tee, jeans, a sweater tied around his waist, and a baseball cap

This was my dinner tonight from McDonald's. Beyond pissed!!!#mcdonalds #disgusted #mcdonaldscorp #mcdonaldsisstartingtoreallysuck #pissedashell

  • @audra_kohler Yes. I took it back and they refunded my meal. I don't understand how it could look cooked on the outside, but be that raw inside. My sister is a shift manager at burger King, she said it looked like it wasn't even on the grill for 20seconds.

  • @brenda_wilson_voshel wow. Hopefully it won't happen again.

This morning was a tad ROUGH. If I told you "I didn't want to get up this morning" it would be an understatement. This little monkey has woken up EVERY NIGHT for almost two weeks. Not to mention being sick on top #mommiesgirls I'm not tellin

I was actually getting online to post something else when I was suddenly brought up to speed on the Kavanaugh happenings today. . . This start from a piece a while back is my immediate, guttural reaction. . . . Listening to my 11 year old daughter an

What tf FIX IT WENDY’S. Ay these fools left the paper on the cheese and I ate it until I realized what i ate then I looked at the sandwich and saw it. @wendys imma need something for this. What the hell. And my damn stomach was hurting like hell for



Yall aren't getting away from me. EVERY post of coffee is going to get a nasty comment from me! Charging HALF THE MACHINE COST to fix your manufacturing mistakes! Not to a Computer Systems Engineer, I do this all day honey! #pissedashell #scam #your

  • Tell em how ya feel. Make it viral. Just keep on pushing!

  • #CorporateBullshit

I CAN NOT get over this birthday present.. and I have to share it because @leeannelocken is my spirit housewife and getting a birthday message from that beauty was ACTUALLY the best way to start my 32nd year.. thank god for my sweet WW tribe.. #pisse

I don’t even like baseball hats.

  • @itsmegandenise #pissedashell#lol#loveyou

  • It’s lost in my parent’s black hole of a house! He’s looked for it so many times 😭 his fave hat!!!

They will still work, they will still stand stead fast and ready, they will still give their lives if necessary all the while knowing their families will suffer if this doesn’t end. For them and their families it will always be GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY!!

Another day, another mass murder. Best advice is don't be in the wrong place at the wrong time, including church. Also, everyone needs their own gun because we know that helps! Now, if you had forgotten from a few days ago, here's the playbook refres



Day 4 of not having any internet and it can even get worse I talked to someone and they said:"well miss it can even take till monday till the new modem arrives." Well wtf I don't have a phone or internet that workes🤦‍️iam trying not to kill someoneus

It's been over 8 months since I found out I had breast cancer and it seems like a lifetime. I'm told the worst is behind me, but I am fucking more pissed at Cancer than I have ever been! Maybe I was so focused before on getting through it all, that I

  • Each part of this journey holds its own challenges. Anger means your strong. You've got this. Get angry! Kick its ass!

  • You can beat all these stages. Anger is the fuel that motivates you to kick it out of you. You're a warrior my friend.

Someone is very upset!! He got fixed yesterday so we tried putting on his cone and he flipped out! He tried to take it off himself and choked! So i got some premie onesies and put it on him and just cut a hole for his tail to come through. Will have

Here's a really yucky post. Today we weighed our steer. Fergus stepped on me so damn hard I tripped. My foot hurt bad but I ignored it for awhile until I couldn't take it. And yes, I was wearing boots. And yes, the second picture is my toenail that c

  • Omg 😨 I hope your toenails grown back now

  • @muddy_birtie haha thanks! it's starting to but not all the way yet!

Today's Mail! Oh, wait! I just thought my "Tales from the Hood" came today! Fucking Thieves!!! #pissedashell

  • Damn there must be a lot of stupid people in the world if a mail box key has instructions on how to retrieve a package. Lol Totally forgot about Tales from the hood very awesome and old school. 👍👍👍

Så jäkla trist avslutning på en mysig vistelse hos min bror med familj. Drabbad av meningslös skadegörelse på min bil. Tack käre bror och svägerska för all hjälp! ️Världens bästa tillfälliga lagning. #notafunsurprise #pissedashell #roligareutgifter

  • Nää men gu vilka idioter som gör så😠

  • @svante_grannas @tating_af @ulfeldtmia @toppstadrottningen Ja så himla tråkigt. Man är ju iaf glad och tacksam för att man är försäkrad. Men ändå 1 000kr i utlägg som man verkligen kunde ha gjort något roligare för. 😔

5 years ago I brought home my brand new Subaru Outback. Today I'm shelling out nearly $4K to repair cylinder heads and valves because the timing belt inexplicably jumped time causing said damage... Really Subaru? 5 years in? This better be it. #subar



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