Minnie Hello, comment allez vous? Ce matin temps gris, des orages sont même prévus cette après midi. Cela change d hier lol. ⭐️ Sinon, cela faisait un moment que je recherchais un miroir à mains. J avais finalement plus ou moins laissé tomber. J en

Джинсы от #primark , для мальчика 2-3 г. 98 рост. Цена: 120 грн. Состав: 77% хлопок, 23% полиэстер. Для заказа, пишите в Direct Пояс-27(шнурок функционирует), длина-55, шаг-36. Качественный, плотный джинс. Состояние отличное.





Стильная рубашка от #primark , для мальчика 3-4 г. 104 рост. Цена: 85 грн. Состав: 100% хлопок. Для заказа, пишите в Direct Рукав от горловины-43,5. от плеча-35, длина-41, пог-32. Качество на высоте. Состояние идеальное.

The third Primark Exclusive: Chrome Hulk

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Набор очень красивых нежных качественных носочков Primark!🦄 . Размеры: 2-3 (23-26) 7-10 (31-36) . Носочки отличного качества Продаются только набором (5 пар) . Цена набора - 199 грн. . Для заказа: ️оставляйте комментарий ️пишите в директ ️пишите V

bit of a different Post from me but guess what it’s my birthday! Happy 28th to me 🥳 I’m getting oldddd l, went to a naughty 90s night on Friday and i was living my best life! anyway I liked my makeup here so thought I’d post it —————————————————————

  • Happy birthday!I love your makeup ! 😁 please like and comment back on my page too 💖

  • Happy birthday! And..28 is young af



Its monday! Let's kick it off with a bathroom selfie. These @primark trousers are surprisingly good quality for the price. Really soft faux leather but size down. Blouse is @topshop and loafers are @asos. Any goals this week? I'm joining the gym! #wh

  • Looking fab ❤️

  • you look gorgeous Louise. Do you know if those trousers are available in black please? xx

My Daughter’s bedroom She is 7, but, has gone from the baby room to now a “little” big girls room. All these stages in her life are coming around to quickly 🥺 I wanted to make her feel like a big girl as she wanted, but, at the same time, keeping h

Toilet room chic. Just wish the mirror was fully clean to be honest. I’m getting so bored of my hair, what should I do next? Every time I think I want to grow it, I end up shaving it all off Hope your Monday isn’t as dull as this weather #ootd #ou

  • Hey, you're so amazing and gorgeous sweetie.😍 We'd like to collaborate with you. Please DM us for more details.📩👇 Thank you so much!🧡

  • @sandflair.shanika that’s not how this works you know 🥴😒

Comprinhas de ontem - BLACKPINK - Kill This Love (€27 na FNAC do Fórum Almada. Eu paguei €17 porque tinha desconto no cartão FNAC) - Caderno Hogwarts (€3 na Primark do Fórum Almada) - Caderno Mapa do Maroto + Caneta em forma de varinha (€6 na Primar

“I am what I am, an’ I’m not ashamed” I think this quote from Hagrid in the Goblet of Fire suits a lot of us Harry Potter fans here on Instagram; I AM a 27 year old wanna be witch who’s gone through hell and back this year and finds comfort in thos

  • Apologies for the long paragraph, just I tend to go on and on when talking about Harry Potter so, yeah...

  • Good for you ma'am. Good and beautiful words. Inspiring as well.

Happy Monday Could I get anymore snugglier, nope. Can’t get enough of cosy clothes. I just love Autumn/Winter fashion. Bought some new winter boots finally and another Teddy coat (£20 primark) and it has a big hood off on the school run now. Have a

To much love whit my son, . I miei momenti preferiti sono quelli che passo giocando con mio figlio, purtroppo questi momenti sono pochi e io mi sento sempre un po' in colpa, lavorando da casa sono sempre con lui ma la qualità del tempo passato insie

Today on "Hmm, That Skirt Looks Cleanish!" I manage to look super extra for the school run but really I'm highkey dying inside

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The chilling adventures of Sabrina I was really hoping they’d bring out a special for Halloween! What do you think? Will we get a bit more of Sabrina before the next season comes out? In the mean time I’ll be rocking this top from @primark for the

  • @jjbcktt from goggle it just said 2020. So only have the two series on Netflix at the moment 😫

  • @tiffanytokyo 2 isn’t enough 😭 it was just getting really good as it ended too !



added some new autumnal patterns & colours to my wardrobe... • first up, two scarves from good ol’ @primark ~ the perfect accessories to alternate in order to mix up my usually repetitive outfits! they feel soft, not itchy at all! v. happy with the

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Falling leaves are Summer goodbyes #autumn

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HEY! J’ai testé les fards à paupières de chez @primark et c’est plutôt pas mal! Les couleurs sont justes Les fards sont un peu poudreux donc quelques chutes mais la pigmentation est top et ont une bonne tenue! Les minis palettes sont à 3€50!! Donc

  • Elles sont belles ces palettes, maintenant on a hâte de voir les makeup que tu vas nous faire avec 🤗💋

  • @swtdmd pleins d’idées en tête, ça arrive bientôt 😘😘

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