For Guardian of Nature @beverlyjoubert lions are one of her favorite species. She says: "What does it take to become a #reallifelionking ? It's not necessarily easy - and it's becoming ever more difficult. But there are steps that will definitely help

we were hoping to see a kill but with this, we think we’re good! 🤩 the lion just had his meal and was saving the rest for dinner. looked like he needed some nap time but sorry Simba, we can’t take our eyes off you! 🦁 . . . #circleoflife #maasaimara #

  • @irma_goddess listen you were talking about your cat 😂

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“Pumbaa” means ignorant, lazy, or careless in Swahili. It’s not very flattering, but unfortunately the hard truth as they tend to sleep underground at night in burrows stolen from other animals such as the aardvark. They don’t want to dig their own

#repost @dereckjoubert • • • • • 'I think those hyenas were even scareder…' There was such a great response to yesterday’s clip that it seemed another #eternalenemies moment was in order. And Simba’s words are quite accurate: there’s nothing quite li

  • شیرنر با وزن بالاش خوب دوی داره ..فکرنمیکردم انقدر سرعتی بدووه

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Swipe to see what goes into keeping your lunch in the bush (As occurred in reverse). Now how do you feel about your cafeteria food? #gratefulgram . . . #itsahardknocklife #thebush #maasaimara #reallifelionking #thelionking #africa #kenya 🇰🇪 #wildlifep

  • @notalivingperson I wish that vulture on the right were just a foot higher, though 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Amazing! Fantastic sequence! 👍🙏

Watching the commanding power of a lion’s roar, it can be easy to underestimate the long, arduous journey it takes to ascend to that point. The path to becoming a #reallifelionking is a series of tricky-to-navigate steps. And the first, it turns out,

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  • govt of the people by the people must provide for the well being of lion - provisions must include release of livestock into the wild



On the road again. Sitting at the Miami airport about to catch a flight to Belgium, reminiscing on one of our favorite parts of our Eastern Africa Acacia adventure. We spent three days touring the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Such s

  • Oh I love that shot of us with the buffalo.. would you guys mind sending that to me to have as a keep sake?? Hope you have an awesome time in Belgium and where ever else you’re off to after that!

  • @jenogram definately! We are heading to Scotland next week, looking forward to it!

These two pretty girls are called Zuna and Kimani and were so incredibly adorable. 🥰 I could've watched them for hours (which is basically what I did until my friend dragged me out of there 🤣 LOL, just kidding)! More footage from our zoo visit is com

Swipe to see more. Newly published lion images for #worldlionday the famous tree climbing lions of Uganda. These photos captured last year in Queen Elizabeth National Park with The Uganda Conservation Foundation and Uganda Wildlife Authority. . . . .

One way to celebrate a milestone birthday. by @brookebcnn ・・・ I was in Africa recently on a #bucketlist trip to go gorilla 🦍trekking in Uganda... and also witness the “Great Migration” in Kenya. Just wanted to share some of our best photos (: my hub

  • Oh, I can't get used to living in the wild. I cannot get used to it. I grew up with a full-time driver, 2 nannies, 2 cars, a private school ranked in the top 5 World-wide, highest tuition in the country, and offices in 2 storeys of the Prince's Building. Perhaps that chimp can get used to living in the wild, as thats how chimps grow up right?

  • This is extraordinary! Dying to explore Uganda! 💚🦍

It’s #worldlionday ! We have lost at least 90% of our lions in the last century. But we can do something to reverse that dangerous trend! Support organizations that work to conserve habitat and wildlife in Africa, as well as the people who live alongs

Happy World Lion Day!! We saw this beautiful male on our last day in the park. We left early to go on a morning drive to soak in as many scenes and animals as we could before we left. Elephants, giraffes, impalas and kudus were out and about. As we t

  • HOLY CROW!! He’s gorgeous!! 😍

  • @k.claws he was so amazing. I think about him a lot.

The time of the lion. Intricate pride structures. Supreme acts of dominance. Masters of territory. Conservation of lions has become a game of bones. In protecting apex predators, we protect their habitat too. The world is graced by 20000 lions. Let’

Following the release of the new Lion King film, we were delighted to learn that Great Plains Conservation, in partnership with Botswana's government, released five new lions into the Selinda Reserve in July. We can't think of a greater way to celebr



I’ve taken a lot of intense low angle shots from underneath the car of elephants and wild dogs… And every now and than I had enough Dutch courage to do the same with lions. But when a male lion, in the prime of his life, locks his eyes on you and slo

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