Good morning everyone!!! GO CHASE AFTER HAPPINESS... It feels fantastic! Oh, one thing about people that are like this is, they can be moody-‍️... that’s ‘cause they may be having internal conversations about how they are letting a situation affect t

  • Go take nap, it's Saturday 😂. My happiness

  • @oyeahright 😘😘



"We're very interested in buying all of your products, but first demonstrate it on my face lol" #mac #thingsmytwinmakesmedo #restingbitchfacethough

  • @katriinaandreas thank you bugs 🙈@arnoldjarvis 😘😘😘 @celine_harris_ girl you know it 😉@missdarcelle thanks doll 💜 @rbl2295 Twin start planning our weekend getaway please 😆

  • Gurrrrrl, you best know I'm done planning 😎*

We were SHORT two things today: 1. My time, thus a smaller, simpler meal prep 2. LBR's patience because he got ZERO treats during today's cooking. 🧀 •Tuna Steaks • Seasoned Grilled Chicken • Steamed Asparagus • Zuchinni and onion lightly pan fried •