End of November/Middle of January. Wow Z (aka 6th grade) it’s crazy how fast you’ve been progressing. From your shot, to your aggressiveness going up with layups, to your jumping!! I hope you are ready for what you are about to become. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 @datbird_



Revival exercise of the week : Bent over dumbbell row. 25kg @5reps - this is at 60% intensity One of my goals during this revival is going to be to ramp up and get back on the exercises I could not do due to the injury. The prime joint action of t

"Don’t look for an easy way out. Nobody wants to work hard these days. The 20 minute abs, the 10 minute this, the 10 minute that. F*ck that! Come to the gym, work your ass off. Earn it!” – CT Fletcher" - -Bench work, lots heavy sets, back to work. 🤙

  • @diditombstone do it!!! 💪 fight cardio is the best

  • @berserker_cooper yea its HIIT cardio so i'll probably get more lean from it

“Let me pull my sleeve tighter so you don’t look bigger than me!” 🤪 - - Workout shenanigans with the guys! - 10kal assault bike 10 squat cleans 10kal assault bike 9 squat cleans Etc.... until 1 clean (19min workout-total 100kal on bike) - - - #hi

It’s 3rd and 6. You have a right-handed quarterback and are on the right hash. Would you throw the smash concept or the curl-flat to get the first down? Let us know why and what your thought process would be in the comments below.... ...……...........

  • Smash concept (first pic) Curl-flat (second pic)

  • I'm with Jake. Especially if I'm confident in the how the QB/reviever pair times that curl rout. I would be worried about a buzz coverage screwing with the smash concept though 😬

God knows I’m trying to control the beast , o really am ., everyone wants to ask “ are you ok? Do you feel better? When the person stops pulling the trigger I will. Remember the hulk was a gentle giant I love even harder ️ #thebeast #savagementality #j

Today marks the day I start my comeback journey after a shoulder injury. Through these vlogging series I want to share my weekly progress as I bounce back and get better. I hope to motivate, lead by example and learn from others as I move forward. .



"-Conditioning prepares you for battle. Cardio makes you really good at running slowly away - -Perform your conditioning work like the bad-ass predator that you are. Don't run from it like prey" - - -Brute conditioning training, after a night of shit

I’m know I’m late but I always put in the Universe, like really man..everyday I’m grateful for being alive, being awake and doing the things I love the most. Every year serves its purpose and no matter the struggle, no matter the pain, every cloud ha

𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶 𝚜𝚊𝚢 𝚕𝚎𝚜𝚜. 𝐃𝐨 𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐞.

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ENJOY MY SHIT EATING GRIN! In bodybuilding many struggle with consistency or eating or pushing themselves to that point of just sheer pain within the muscles, but that is when you grow, you create the pain and you push through it, you fight tooth an

  • @_classic.physique_ the only person that will be taking naked pics of him will be me... 😂😂😂

  • @johngsteel 😂😂😂😂



I copped this from a Joe Rogan podcast and i thought it was profound. 2020 for me is all about making this incremental changes to get my health in better shape that it's been in for past 10 yrs. Motivation is over rated. Discipline > Motivation. L

  • Ambition must equal actions. That’s the [email protected] all have at times. Good intentions with words that don’t translate into an actionable state.

Z has been working tremendously hard to fix her form on her shot. The first 2 clips are from when she first came to me in September & It took us only 3 months of hard work to get her form to start falling together. I say we are doing pretty good what

"We fight, we train, for we shall never allow ourselves to become weak, in a world of weak men and soft hearts. There are still Wolves!" - ode of violence. - - - - -Pad work an fight work with warrior @dannytyler8641 🤙 felt good throwing bombs again.

I just want to show appreciation for how hard this young lady has been working. YOU CAN NOT TELL ME hard work don’t pay off. The first 2 clips are from August when Z first started. The next clips are from training yesterday and the last 3 are from he

  • She has gotten way better since the first day💪🏾❤️ we got her right😂💪🏾💕

  • @kyndal_arinna_ lol thank you Kyndal for helping 🙄😂



-"Train with the purpose that one day you may have to carry a brother on your shoulders, would you falter? Would you be strong enough? Could yu take the weight? If the answer is No. Go and Train." - - -Yoke training , with combat conditioning. Train

-"Grind through, get it done and grind through. Even on the days where your body is telling yu sleep, 'do it tommorow' 'another day off wont hurt' 'youl make up for it where you feel sorry for yourself'. Quiet the noise, get your gear on an go!. Thos