Swipe left to see more pictures! Today’s post is about another Tony Soprano style staple. We won’t be talking about clothing today. We will be talking about his cars Unlike the clothing, I do not own any of the cars we will be talking about today s

  • @tonysopranostyle I will do sometime after I washed it and found a nice Dutch spot to photograph it 😉

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The ones behind SopranosCon have another gift for you. MobMovieCon is coming April 18-19 this year at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. ⁣ ⁣ Bad Bean Cawfee will proudly be serving everyone that attends.️️⁣ ⁣

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Welcome to @randomfandom_daily !! Our goal for this account is to test your knowledge, maybe teach you some fun facts or reminisce about our Pop-Topic of the day but most importantly to smile & laugh with us! . . Please feel free to share your memorie

Seems like just yesterday that we invited the Soprano family into our homes for Sunday dinner. Sunday’s will never be the same! In honor of the 21st anniversary, use promo code ANNIVERSARY today only for 21% off! (huge news coming) #sopranos #thesopr

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  • @sammi_diddle this makes me want to cry this is my family

Sopranos Actor Joe Gannascoli who played “Vito Spatafore” in 39 episodes of the Sopranos is making a bold statement about his thoughts of animal abusers. His support for Ruthless Pawz and our mission for animals is appreciated. More supporters to co

  • Need one of those.... except I only have a pipe & bat😂😡😡

  • Love it!!!!

NEW EPISODE Sabino links up with Premium Pete to talk about SopranosCon, networking, and why you should never give up on your dreams all while enjoying a nice "Sangweech".

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Tell me who hasnt felt this way !!!! Ill tell you one thing . Im not depressed though. I aint no mental midget ! Not this skinny ginny. Its probably the stress Pauly puts on me ,THAT PISSY SHOELACE FUCK ! Gf panty sniffin FUCK !!!! ah well life goes

  • When Chris said this, I felt it every single time I watched it.. more and more

  • Might be 1 of the most relatable quotes of 2019

One of the best shows ever! James Gandolfini’s performance as Tony Soprano is the best in television history, that’s my opinion as well as Wikipedia’s and a lot of other sources lol. His role was just legendary. Anyone else agree? #thesopranos #sopra

  • Completamente de acuerdo...la actuación de Gandolfini cambio los parámetros existentes hasta ese momento en las que respecta al ámbito de la televisión por cable en este caso....catapultandolo a un status de superestrella de la actuación...y convirtiéndolo en un icono....

  • I couldn't agree more he is te best 🔥😍



I've been so excited to post this. At @sopranoscon , I collected cast members' best, most personal James Gandolfini stories. Check my bio for the compilation. Stories are from cast members including (but not limited to) @federicocastelluccio , @mattse

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My character, Gerry Torciano was killed after the 2 episode I shot. This was during the 2yr break. Needless to say I was very upset but what can u do. A moth later my agent calls and says David Chase is gonna scrap that scene, he wants to keep ur cha

The @sopranoscon YouTube drops continue! The same way there would be no Walter White without Tony Soprano, there sure as hell wouldn't be a Hank Schrader without Agent Harris. I had the privilege of sitting down with @mattservitto. We discussed the

Will he make us Johnny Cakes with Sausages made in house?! - - - #actorslife #gsd #actors #model #dogsoninstagram #dogs #istandwithsoprano #novel #dogsofinsta #adogspurpose #autumn #fitness #emotionalsupportdog #fitfam #mafia #dogs #dogsandpals #dog

  • I don’t like to miss the national anthem and don’t pull that all shucks shit wit me your going!

  • ...dude Johnny Cakes cooks that bland New England shit, his ex bf not him. Vito cooks real peasant food, pasta badan, vinegar peppers, and a little ensalad🥘🍝🔥

Hey everyone, I’m in the process of changing direction and what better way to express this than to post a cool picture of a good ol Pamplemousse. My vision is to make the world a more accepting place. If this sparks interest, contact me, and become a

We got some stuff that fell off the back of a truck so it’s SILENT AUCTION TIME! DM us or email SopranosCon@gmail.com with your bids - auctions will end 24 hrs after reserves are met, free US shipping . Item I: Limited Edition 1 of 1 SopranosCon @pum



#throwback SopranosCon last month was one of the greatest experiences. It was an honor to volunteer at this “History in the Making” event. By sheer luck, I was was paired with Dominic Chianese to be his assistant for the weekend!

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