Kinda late but for those of you who haven’t seen the Jump scans, basically JP is getting a transforming Future Gohan. Kinda MEH for me but they’re also doing an LR VB campaign and I can’t wait till that reaches Global! Comment down below what you thi

Goku Super Saiyajin 3 y Super Saiyajin Fase Dios contra Toppo en la Exhibición Zen del manga.

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Everyone else: Did you pull more than 1 LR this celebration? Me: Well yes, but actually no. . . . . . . . #dragonballz #dragonballzdokkanbattle #dragonballzdokkanbattleglobal #dbz #dokkan #dokkanbattle #dokkanbattleglobal #dokkanbattle4thanniversary

  • I got shaft but I did pull lr kale and kaulifla from the agl banner so am good but my friend got shafted he spent like 100 stone I told him to do a single and he got lr goku black I wasn’t mad cuz I got him already so meh . Atleast I got the best unit in the game

  • @legends_dokkan1 Yeah the best unit in the game 😁 congrats 👌



#fbf Both canves are like about 18 inch x 24 inch and it's a 2 piece canvas. I've always been a Dragon Ball Z fan since I was about 3 or 4 years old and I'm still bout this lifestyle. So dope that I put in a lot of detail of Majin, Goku, Gotenks and



[READ COMMENTS FOR PASSIVES!! This is self-made and just for fun] Which one do you like the most? Comment down below . According to the poll on my story, LR SSBKK Goku and SSBE Vegeta won but from a realistic perspective, I would want LR SSJ4 Goku a

  • “A Brand New World” Super Saiyan God Goku ||| “Movie Heroes” category ki +4, HP, ATK, & DEF +130% or Super TEQ type ki +4, HP, ATK, & DEF +100% ||| God Dragon Fist - causes colossal DMG to opponent | Limit-Breaker Kamehameha - causes MEGA-colossal DMG to opponent and lowers enemy ATK ||| Passive Skill: ATK +120%, all super class allies’ ki +3 & DEF +15%, DEF +10% from each attack received (up to 70%), DEF +50% when HP<60% ||| Realm of Gods, Movie Heroes, Goku’s Family, Pure Saiyans

  • “Greatest Fusion of all Time” Super Saiyan God SS Goku and Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta ||| “Fused Fighter” category ki +4, HP, ATK, & DEF +130% ||| Big Bang Kamehameha - Causes colossal DMG to opponent, raises all allies’ ATK by 10% | Goku and Vegeta Saiyan Barrage - Causes colossal DMG to opponent, raises all allies’ ATK & DEF by 12% ||| Passive Skill: ATK & DEF + 100%, Changes a random # of ki spheres to PHY or Rainbow. Ki +2 for each PHY ki sphere & ki +1 for each rainbow ki sphere. Transform when conditions are met | Transformation: 5 turns after the battle starts ||| Fusion, Fused Fighter, Realm of Gods, Movie Heroes, Joined Forces . Super Saiyan God SS Gogeta ||| Big Bang Kamehameha - causes colossal DMG to opponent and lowers ATK & DEF | God Punisher - causes MEGA-colossal DMG to opponent and greatly lowers ATK & DEF ||| Passive Skill: All attacks effective against all types, ATK & DEF +140%, guaranteed crit on STR enemies’ and 50% chance to crit INT enemies’. | Active Skill: Change current enemies’ type to INT and raise all allies’ DEF by 20%

#492 : Funko Super Saiyan 3 Goku - Fierce as you would hope! Super Saiyan 3 is one of the most popular transformations in the entire "Dragon Ball" Series - Like his folks it's a Pop! Vinyl Figure packaged in a window-display box! It was realesed as

  • I like this one very much, I have it too 😇

  • @ricachu_1 one of our favorites, too 🙌❤️

Found a new way to the Power Plant...only to be met with something that increases his SpAtk so much he easily one-shots your team. I think I'll save all my capsules for Broly; I may not be a fan of the character (though I heard Super's was better),

For those of you who don’t know, my ToP team is busted. EVERYONE has a dupe and Android 17 and Evolution Vegeta are close to rainbow, Kefla is rainbow. UI Goku has two dupes but Jiren and Goku & Frieza have only one.. . . . . . . . #dragonballz #drag

Catching him isn't the problem (since catch rates suck anyway); it's LASTING against him. I did quite the Switcheroo going from Pepbell and abusing her Intimidate, and to another fighter who could damage him just enough. I lowered his attack enough



Tit for tat on this one. But I took out Cooler in one hit, so that was awesome. Though, Pepbell lost to TZero's Oozaru, despite the level difference. But hey, I beat him! I'm thinking of taking care of the other trainers, and prepare for Hildegar

  • @ncg.douche_15 DragonBallZ Team Training Journey. It took me a while to find the right file, but sadly it's an older version. The newer one has all kinds of graphics and music differences, as well as Shell Bell summoning Turtle so you don't need Surf.

  • Why artemis

That thing is a creepypasta waiting to happen. It's too strong and decimated my whole team. I need to prepare for it better. On the bright side, I have 3 final evos, and good lord, Goku is OP as hell. I love it. #dragonballzteamtraining #dragonb

Swipe to see the NEW UNITS PASSIVES AND LEADER SKILLS!! THE NEW UNITS INFO HAVE BEEN LINKED BY @teamdokkaner ON TWITTER! [He is a very reliable source and has always been right when it comes to these things]. . . . . . . . #dragonballz #dragonballzd

  • @tossit.milo thx homie

  • @shin.johi np 😁 We all deserve something good from these banners

SWIPE TO SEE INFO on the new cards added to the data! [CHECK MY STORY FOR WHEN THEY RELEASE] I’m personally hype for the Goku and Bulma because they actually seem pretty good for the Youth category But the duo units are lit too. . . . . . . . #dra

  • @jack_davies_92 oof when

  • @tossit.milo the uk but I’ll be up then anyway all my cousins and friends that play are coming round

Traded in more stuff to @gamestop today for the last day of the 5.00 trade in promotion. 1st trade in was 120.00 and today was 72.00. no games I wanted so I grabbed some figures. Got that kratos for only 5.00 with there figure/toy promo they have whe

  • My GameStop doesn’t have cool Dragonball figures like that :/

  • @thesombergamer that's upsetting. 3 of them around here have em. If I find others I'll let you know.

NEW STORY EVENTS COMING SOON! Unfortunately, the Cell and Gohan haven’t been announced yet but it’s only a matter of time. In fact, they’re still not in the data so we don’t even know exactly what it is that they do or when the exact time the banners

  • @tossit.milo u right, I’m guessing it will be in the morning like the 4 year

  • @aloof02jm5684 yeh

This is going to be the weirdest goku i have ever drawn 🤦, this is what happens when you go out of your comfort zone , but now i know where i have to work on . I was not going to upload this video as the drawing was not good but i think an artist sho

"Dargonball Z Son Goku" . Mau Hp kalian jadi keren kayak gini??🤔🤔🤔 WHY NOT??? . Gak usah bingung bingung harus kemana...!!! Costum In aja Kawan . Order sekarang juga di @kakha.costum ==================== DISINI menyediakan hampir semua jenis Hp . DIS



GUYS THE NEW DOKKANFEST ARE CONFIRMED TO BE GOHAN AND CELL! AT FIRST I WAS LIKE “ meh” TILL I SAW THEIR DAMN SUPER ATTACK ANIMATIONS! Also everything I’m posting is confirmed by their official livestream. [Do me a favor and share with your friends!!

  • @super_saiyajin_vegetto2 but he is PHY which kinda makes no sense considering there’s already a PHY cell

  • @tossit.milo exactly that's what's bothering me

Open Pre-Order (PO) Brand: Legendary Collectibles Series: Dragon Ball Z Nama: Son Goku [孫 悟空] & Shén Lóng [神龍] Material: resin Dimensi (skala): 74 cm x 69 cm x 72 cm (1/4) Limited edition: 100 pieces Rilis Q1 (Januari-Maret) 2020 Harga: 12.300.000 De

Open Pre-Order (PO) Brand: Model Palace Series: Dragon Ball Z Nama: Super Saiyan Son Goku [超 菜野人 孫 悟空] Material: resin Dimensi (skala): 62 cm x 46 cm x 41 cm (1/4) Berat: ± 40 kilogram Limited edition: 300 pieces - 2 heads - LED system Rilis Q1 (Janu

When I was a kid in the 90s this was my favorite version of Goku before I even knew what it was. One of the dangers of having a job where you have to drive to several stores a day as a collector is when all those stores have a toy section... #bandai



Brooo. @smartimus_prime back at it again. I love this. Janemba was always one of my favorite movie villians. I would have loved to see him fight gogeta for longer than he did. He got taken out too quickly. And his design was just awesome. Follow me:

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