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Throughout the years u were always so good to me...The kindness u displayed was beautiful. No words. They always take the good ones. We miss u already ️️️

  • Rip kobe 😢 my prayers go out to his family and friends

  • Heartbreaking 💔 Our hearts go out to the Bryant family and the victims of this tragedy. #kobeforever



Wrote this inspiring speech, could feel every person in the crowds energy screaming towards me. Thank u for all the support on the speech I was so nervous !!

  • So gorgeous in @balenciaga @alevimilano @marzook_official 💙

  • Get it gorgeous!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️



iPhone pix from my music video bruised. I love directing and getting creative sharing provoking thoughts and stories, letting u in my mind and getting in your head. All things I love.