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It’s ok to try. To fall. To fail. To be vulnerable. To love and to get hurt. The mountain will heal it all. The mountain will cleanse my soul. The mountain will help me overcome. Sometimes even from afar when I drift away from home. That is why I cli

My favourite place in Ecuador. Climbing through a maze of crevasses is completely worth the view, but it is also a spiritual experience that cleanses your mind and your soul. That is why we climb. Not for the adrenaline (even thought that is nice too

I love stars and the Milky Way almost as much as I love puppies! So I figured it was time to post pics of puppies. These guys hiked to the Churup lake with me - and they might have been the cutest models I had all season! . . . . . . #churup #laguna



Found my shooting star. Found my way out. The mountains have a healing power like no other, and in the last 7 weeks climbing I went from one of the lowest lows I’ve been on, to the highest high. Gracias Pachamama! Gracias totales! . . . . . . . . . #

Self portrait - Yanapaccha solo climb. . Climbing solo you feel extremely powerful. Each step you hold your life in your own hands. . Climbing solo you feel extremely powerless. Each step the mountain, Pachamama, can decide to end your life. . . . .

My view while climbing alone. It was the first time I climbed with nobody else on the mountain. The dangers became much more real. I often remembered that a close friend of my uncle died on this mountain. Jumping across a crevasse, crossing a snow br

“Ok, don’t breather or move for the next 30 seconds and I promise you a profile picture” . . . . . . . #pisco #nevadopisco #mountaneering #mountainlovers #climbing #longexposure #socold #mountaineeringph #mountaineeringtheworld #mountaineeringclub #m

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Pisco and its Refugio! Even though most consider it just an acclimatisation hike, pisco has the most beautiful views of any of the mountains I’ve done in Cordillera Blanca - enough of a reason for me to go back tomorrow! . . . . . #pisco #nevadopisco

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