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@geosteinmetz - George Steinmetz
Photographer for National Geographic and NY Times Magazine, creating an aerial perspective on climate change and global food supply @feedtheplanet

John Holliday Perry started diving at a time that he called a few years B.C., Before Cousteau developed the aqualung. He built most of the submarines for the James Bond movie Thunderball, and kept a few for his own use on a private island in the Bah

The "prow" of Mt. Roraima, one of the most spectacular #tepuis in Canaima National Park, straddles the border between Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil. Over 7,000 ft. tall, it is a remnant of the supercontinent Gondwana, and was fictionalized in the mo

Petra as illuminated by candle light on a full moon. The ancient city was carved out of the narrow sandstone canyons of Jordan some 2,000 years ago. It flourished as major trading hub for camel caravans bearing frankincense from Oman to the Mediter

Harvesting rice for export in the floodplains of the Sacramento Valley, California. The fields have been terraced to follow the subtle topography, and control the depth of the water. Soon afterwards, it will be flooded for migrating birds. To see m



Last week I had a rare opportunity to fly a Cessna over the new Pumalín Douglas Tompkins National Park in Chile. The park is part of over a million acres of wilderness that were given last spring by Doug’s widow @kristine_tompkins to realize their d

Moonlight on Isla Incahuasi, at 12,000 ft. in the center of the world’s largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. The island is famous for its forest of endemic cacti. They favor a soil composed of fossilized algae, from a time when the salar



The mudflats of Manila harbor are covered in improvised housing on stilts, which are vulnerable to the typhoons that regularly rake the Philippines. With housing costs high in the city, and a poor public transportation system, the city’s poor have f

Doug’s gift, Corcovado National Park, was established in Patagonia through the generosity and vision of Douglas Tompkins and Peter Buckley in 2005. Last year Doug’s widow @kristine_tompkins finalized an even larger gift of a million acres of wildern

Most of the developments in South Florida were excavated from the Everglades, like the town of Weston, in Broward County. This community is separated from the glades by a levy and canal to take excess water to the sea, which is not much lower than th

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