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🍓🐻KIM JONGIN🐻🍓 🎂 04.05.2016 #exo #kai #jongin

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200125 [TRANS] Gogoboi Weibo Update with KAI Interview they're talking about bags g:there are so many bags! :yeah yeah,i really like these two.this one you can carry on the shoulder,like this.i really like over the shoulder bags,you can also put a lo

‍️: Next [wish] is to spend more time with your fans : Yes, but this also might not be able to be fulfilled, because actually I have a strong greed/ambition, when I see the fans I want to keep seeing them. It will be nice if we have more opportunitie

‍️: Kai, have you achieved everything on your 2019 bucketlist? : [I wanted to] Become good at English. I failed at that (laughs). So in 2020 I will continue to challenge this! (laughing) I did improve but I still am lacking. - Trans by: INTLKAI

‍️: If there's the opportunity, would Kai choreograph for EXO? : If there is the opportunity, I will show it. This time we came out with a new song Obsession, and I participated in choreographing. - ‍️: What dance style would you like to take on next



‍️: Do you travel with your friends? : Yes, I like to travel, but it’s hard for our schedules to line up, so haven’t gone many times, but last year there happened to be opportunity, so I went with my friends who had the time. ‍️: Where did you guys g

‍️: Do you have a fashion icon? : Actually regardless if it’s as a singer [or in fashion], I don’t have a role model or an icon. It’s like if you have someone who you like [or look up to] you will follow them. I only want to have my own [style &] fee

‍️: To Kai, what sort of image entails a Gucci boy”? : I think it’s a very good thing to be able to have a title like this. It is not easy to get a nickname like that, so it's an honor to have that image. Additionally, I personally also really like G

‍️: What is your style normally? : I tend to like more simple clothing ‍️: Today’s is not simple? : No, today is not. I like dressing simple bc there’s a sense of dressing up but not quite dressing up. Dressing like today occasionally is nice bc it’s

[TRANS] 200125 gogoboi interview w/ KAI ‍️: Which look is your favorite out of the past three times you’ve been to GUCCI shows? : I actually like the second outfit the best. There’s a reason, first of all, I like the headpiece— ‍️: It's not sunglasse

[TRANS] 200125 gogoboi interview w/ KAI [‍️: Can you introduce yourself to Chinese fans?] : (In Chinese) Hello I am KAI ‍️: Your Chinese is good! : Just a little bit (laughs) ‍️: Please introduce your style today? : On the inside I have a shirt for l

[TRANS] 200125 gogoboi interview w/ KAI : what do you do when you're resting (free)? : I watch movies and look at the interior stuff and paintings and go to sleep : Ah is that so? Do you play with your niece and nephew as well? : Ah yes, I play with