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Esther Glah, a 69-year-old grandmother, is chairwoman of a mothers’ group in Grand Bassa county, Liberia. She is a trained traditional midwife and also refers women to the local health facility, as well as being a member of the local savings and loan

Cecelia, 40, is the chairwomen of their villages mothers’ group and a member of the Concern-supported savings and loan association. Thanks to the training she has received in the mothers’ group, she and her sister Mary are able to demonstrate to othe

‘I have learned new things with my friends this year’, says seven-month pregnant Patience Darway, a 35-year-old mother-of-five. ‘The most important is how to breastfeed my newborn properly. And to include vegetables in the family diet. My vegetable g

Visual notes from my days on Lunkulu island; 1. A guards shelter 2. Paper birds dancing in the hands of the youngest performance audience 3. The best shower on the island 4. My best friends; trees and electricity (which even worked sometimes) 5. My f



Creative ways of trying to dry hundreds of mattress at Bayimba festival after a typical Ugandan rainy night. On the shore of Lake Victoria, two hours drive from Ugandas capital Kampala, the roads turn into piers and bridges that take you to Lunkulu

Festivals can feel like a lifetime. In only a few days they manage to create new families out of camps, stage crews and bar regulars. I love seeing the nostalgia in people leaving, thinking of the next event that can make them be themselves again. H

On the shore of Lake Victoria, two hours drive from Ugandas capital Kampala, the roads turn into piers and bridges that take you to Lunkulu island, the home of Bayimba Festival. The festival of arts launched in 2008 in central Kampala but last year B



It’s such a privilege to have the right passport and a job giving me the opportunity to travel as much as I do. Especially when meeting all the people who teach me more about myself and who help me to better understand the world around us for each da

It’s already been two months since we got back from Liberia. Two months of cooling down in Sweden and getting ready for the next four months of trips to countries way too hot and humid for me. Liberia was lovely and so all people we met. Sitting here

Sweden is such a beautiful country when the days are long and all you hear is the birds and the wind in the trees. Drone selfie at my favorite place at the west coast, June 2019.

Today is World Refugee Day and I think like almost every day of all the families who had to leave their homes and start over again, most of them in hope to return. Lily Ipayi was 42 or 43 years old when she died in Bidibidi refugee camp in Uganda. Th

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