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1DXMK3. Finally got to use it. Tasty rich 5.5k RAW b roll awaits your eyeballs. Link in bio! Also, this is still a pre production sample. Not final. BAM! It looks gooooooood!! Watch it in 4K plzzzz 🤓

Oh hi :) Don’t mind me. Just out here destroying my back as always 🤷‍️ // NEW VID is on the channel! First tutorial in the new HQ and it sounds like GARBAGE! Go watch! Link in biooooo

What’s you’re favourite season to photograph? Why? For whatever reason I just connect with winter photos. I do not, however, connect with WINTER



What is up 2020! Just posted a new vlog finally moving out and in to the NEW HQ! Psyched to start grinding on a sh*******t ton of content 🤓 Thanks to everyone that’s stuck around for the ride! Lots to come!!

Thanks for hanging out with me this year, friends! Looking forward to sharing what 2020 holds and bringing as much value to all of you as I possibly can! Happy New Year! ️ Lets goooo!

  • Ill hang with you into the new decade buddy ! Have a great one 🤙🏻

Always forgetting gloves 🤷‍️️ // Who’s excited for 2020? I certainly am! Start of a year is always a feel good time for me. Fresh perspectives, outlooks and opportunity. Tomorrow, I am dropping a teaser for something we’ve been working extremely hard



Last minute gift ideas? I got you- PM x Polar Pro Variable ND filter. BAM! Sponsored by me. (Seriously when I forget to bring this with me, id rather go back to high school than shoot anything.)

Had a blast shooting in Norway! Hope you guys enjoyed the little film we made! If you haven’t seen it, link is in bio! Hope you are all having a great weekend! We’re getting mobbed in snow ️