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A podcast from @alternatethursdays that rigorously examines The Sopranos through deep dives, streams of consciousness, interviews and trivia.

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Father Intintola! Thank you for coming through, Paul. Wonderful conversation. Stay tuned. ️

  • I LOVED hanging with that dude when we worked together. Such an interesting cat. And so different from his Sopranos character. Great actor.

Friend: What are you doing later? Drinks at [insert cool spot of your choice]?⠀ Me: Sorry, hanging out with T. ⠀ Friend:



Chiefs were the guy in the middle at the start of Q2. Texans shoulda gone to Roy Rogers.

Derrick Henry is incredible. But he’s got nothing on this Gladiator.



Here’s to you old friend. Life before The Sopranos vs life after (SWIPE). 2️⃣1️⃣

Me trying to walk past my wife with the newest piece of tech.

Me to my 6 year old when he told me he was going to be dunking his tater tots in milk.

Someone mentioned the lighting on the new Netflix series “The Witcher” (an Alik Sakharov project). I sent them this picture. All worthwhile roads lead you right back.



Hopefully *not* the distinguished UCLA Nietzsche professor I spent an hour with today after our conversation for “Poda Bing PhD”